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Theological Reflection

Invitation to a Ministry of Intentional Theological Reflection

Is your faith journey running on auto-pilot or cruise control? What happens when you come upon an unexpected roadblock, a detour, a fender-bender, or a major crash? Does your faith equip you to deal with the challenge of those life experiences?

Through a practice of intentional theological reflection, you can bring your faith into a useful, creative and productive dialogue with your life experiences. This dialogue can then, in turn, allow you to grow in faith and move to action. When you engage in this dialogue in community with others on the journey, shared thoughts, feelings and experiences enrich all of us.

Does intentional theological reflection sound interesting and/or intriguing to you? Would you like to try it out to see if it fits for you?
Join Alice Keith on Sunday evening, September 22, at 6:30 p.m. at SOJ for an opportunity to engage in a process of intentional theological reflection. Let her know of your interest at Following this gathering, those who choose to share in this call to ministry will determine a regular meeting schedule.