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Teen Bible Basic to Advanced

For syllabus, schedules, readings, notes, and more, go to the course website.

What it’s about 

The purpose of this course is to equip you to read and understand the Bible for yourself. We’ll talk about what the Bible is and isn’t, how its parts originated and came together, and what was going on in the world that shaped its writers and first readers. We'll learn the stories it tells. 

What it’s not about 
It’s not about learning how to save or be saved. It’s not about persuading you to adopt a particular moral code or to believe a list of things about Jesus or God. It’s not about proving the Bible is inerrant, infallible, or any such nonsense. Your faith is up to you. 

What we’ll do 
We’ll get together after worship each Sunday. Grab some food and something to drink at fellowship time, then meet in David's office at noon, and we’ll be done by 1:00. Bring your Spong book, a way to take notes, and a Bible. If you don’t have a Bible, we'll get you one. 

walking through the Bible
What’s expected of you 

There are no prerequisites for this class except: you should be thoughtful, curious, open-minded, and willing to wrestle with ideas. You should plan to be here most Sundays and let David know when you can’t. You don’t have to consider yourself Christian, but of course you may. You are expected to spend time reading the Bible. But you aren’t going to be expected to come to the same conclusions as anyone else. You are expected to think for yourself. 

When we begin and end 
The course is on break for the summer and will start over in the fall.