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Special guests coming Sunday, and more...

posted Feb 26, 2013, 3:54 PM by David Cobb   [ updated Feb 26, 2013, 4:11 PM ]
Good afternoon! I hope you've been able to do something today that brings you meaning and joy. The Lenten journey toward Easter may have ups and downs, but I hope it's helping you keep focused on the things that matter in your life and that it's bringing us closer together as a community.
I'm grateful for the response so far to helping Charlotte get home to South Africa to see her son. I was pleasantly surprised when we received a donation from out of town by PayPal. I've since set up the church with a PayPal account, so you might even look for it on the website soon as a way to designate your giving when you're out of town. You can donate again this Sunday or send in a check with a Blessing Quarters memo.
We have some special guests coming Wednesday night for youth group and Sunday for Study Hour, so read on, dear one, read on...
Wednesday night
Dinner is still at 6:00, and then at 6:45 we'll have a brief midweek Lenten devotional service. I hope you'll be here for it. Then at 7:00. the youth group will have a special guest who will talk about her experience of being abused. Conversation will be about ways to respond when it happens to you or to a friend. The adult group will have an introduction to the book we're going to read together, How to Think Theologically, by James Duke and Howard Stone. You can go to the church web page for ordering information and the schedule of readings.
We'll end promptly at 8:00, since at 8:30 I have to be at the Capitol to testify before the tax committee hearing on behalf of the Joint Religious Legislative Coalition. The priorities I'll lift up include
  • tax adequacy to meet human needs and make strategic investments in people
  • tax fairness to recognize ability to pay, and to protect income needed for subsistence
  • public stewardship to build up the common good and enhance quality of life for every person
It's an honor, even if it's a bit scary, to be asked. Wish me luck, and keep me in your prayers!
St. Stephen's Shelter
This coming Saturday is our turn to serve the meal at St. Stephen's Shelter. Contact Wendy Barta if you're able to help out.
Sunday Study Hour: Common Cents (RSVP not required, but appreciated)
Diane Tran has arranged for a special study hour led by the Citizens League. It starts earlier than usual, so be here at 9:00 for conversation across party and ideology to discuss the state budget priorities and how we as people of faith can give input that reflects priorities that center on the common good.


Budgets, as Sojourners founder Jim Wallis has always said, are moral documents. You can offer your input into the important priorities you believe the state should set in its coming working period.


Let us know you're going to attend: go to the Facebook event and sign in or reply to this email. It will help the Citizens League rep know what and how many materials to bring.


Pastoral Care Update
  • Please keep Jim Calkins in prayer, as he travels to be with his father today.
  • Also keep Kay Stampe in your prayers, as she is supposed to return home from the hospital today.
I look forward to seeing you in the coming week.
Blessings and Peace,